Hilary Hanberry

I joined here about 4 months ago and can honestly say it’s been the best decision! I love the early classes and all the exercises are different each week. Michael and Jim are first class and are really like personal trainers at each class- they help you select your weights and really push you to do your best- despite my grumblings I do appreciate it! I’m now a lot stronger and have lost a few ponds so what’s not to love?! The craic with the girls is brilliant and there’s a real sense of support as we push each other to do our best. This is the first time I’ve ever been to a gym and I’m just sorry I didn’t find Body Success sooner! 😊🙌

25 January 2020

Shannon Chloe

Great coaches, great training & a great atmosphere – couldn’t recommend it more

January 18, 2020

Lynda Beattie

Training with like minded ladies motivates me . We support and encourage each other! Fab facilities and brilliant advice from the trainers .👍🏼👌🏽 💪🏾

January 1, 2021

Jenni Irvine-Cooke

I love this gym! When I joined last year I didn’t realise how much I was going to enjoy it. Jim and Michael are fantastic trainers. The girls are great to train with, always plenty of craic. The hardest part is taking your first steps through the door but once in you will not regret it!!

January 19 2020

Livvie Turner
Body success is unique, you will struggle to find anything else like it.
What keeps me coming back is the support, laughs, encouragement, friendship and lack of judgement.
I couldn’t go to another gym now as I simply wouldn’t feel comfortable.
Everyone is welcomed, we are all normal people, with normal lives, just doing the best we can.
The guys are all very knowledgeable and will tailor any of the exercises to suit if there are any injuries or mobility problems.
I came back in November after a long period of dodgy health and as difficult as it was to get back into the habit, I’m so glad I did. I have had a significant reduction in pain and generally feel a lot better.
Thanks to you all, you’re stars ⭐

January 19 2020

Samantha Whyte

Ok, so maybe a tad early to do a review, but after my two week trial I am so delighted!! Not only am I getting the ‘kick up the butt’ I needed but Jim’s encouragement, support and advice has made a world of difference. After going to a gym off and on for years, Jim has corrected my form, meaning I can safely lift heavier than before. But his advice doesn’t stop there, it’s when I leave the gym.. the calories, food and nutrition… I’m eating more but loosing weight!! I feel great physically and mentally… I’ve new friends and looking forward to my photo shoot we’ve arranged in the future!

5th October 2019

Debbie Marshall
Jim Gordon is the most inspirational, knowledgeable and motivated trainer I have had the pleasure to meet and train with. Without his help I could never have gotten to the place where I am now…. Fit, healthy and happy.
I never liked the gym, it was a chore. Training with Jim and the other girls opened my eyes to new things. It became part of my life, he made it fun but yet challenging and got results. He pushed me when I thought I couldn’t go any further. Our group chat kept me motivated when I was tired and down. I have made so many new friends who like me wanted to make a change. So if your looking to make friends, be challenged, lose weight, tone, clean up your diet or simply get a little fitter and healthier then make Body Success part of your life today.

November 29, 2020