A huge number of people across the world resolve to improve their health and fitness. For some this means losing weight, for others it’s gaining muscle, and for some people, it’s more about working on developing a healthy mindset. Transforming your physique, health, and lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.


I’m sure you will agree Tracey has done fab. Tracey has lost 4 1/2 st to date and gained a ton of lean muscle on her journey. Sure she has had ups and downs, but this is not the same woman I first met.
She is stronger and more confident, getting results she never thought possible, she is someone I am proud not only to train, but to also call a friend.


Here’s Ashley’s story 18lb off from starting and a total pleasure to train, We forgot our fab Friday last week so this is going to be motivation Monday, we ran a fun 12 week challenge with our members for those that wanted to do it this week will be the last week of it I will let Ashley tell you in her own words how she has been getting on and how she found her 12 week challenge.

“When I started the 12 week challenge my main goals were to drop a dress size and gain more strength. I have really enjoyed doing it. It has gave me focus and I found filling in my food diary really has helped me make better choices with my eating. I have lost 15.8 pounds on the challenge( 8 cms off my waist), which brings me to 18 pounds total from starting Body Success. I have gained so much strength and my fitness has improved greatly. Body Success is an amazing gym, the trainers are so helpful and all the girls are so lovely, I would recommend it to anyone.”


we have the amazing Louise who is 57 in the next few Weeks, and I’m sure you have to admit looks amazing…… Losing over 4 1/2 stone going from a size 20 to a size 12 showing everyone its never too late to train but I will let her tell you in own words.
“When I started Body Success I knew I needed to lose weight but it wasn’t my priority. I just wanted to improve my flexibility and to get moving. I’d sat at an office desk for too long. But very quickly I was moving and was determined to lose weight. I would never have achieved my new goal without the encouragement of Jim and all the staff at Body Success. Regular exercise, nutrition advice, weigh ins and lots and lots of encouragement did the trick. It’s been a lifestyle change with great results. The biggest change isn’t just my weight but also better mental health, energy and flexibility”.

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